Maintenance is Easy at Music City Honda's Nashville Auto Service Center in Mt. Juliet

We all know that regular service and maintenance is the key to keeping your Honda humming like new for hundreds of thousands of miles--but you've got a busy life, and it can be tough to find the time to bring your Honda in for maintenance. That's why we make it easy for you to schedule your service at Music City Honda using our secure online service scheduling tool.

First time scheduling service online? Simply

  1. Click the "I'm New Here" tab.
  2. Select your model year, model name, trim level, and driving conditions.
  3. Enter your vehicle mileage (optional).
  4. Select a Service Package, Choose Individual Services and Repairs, or describe what you need done in the text box.
  5. Choose an appointment time from the calendar. Any times that are blue are available, but gray times are already booked. You can use the arrow icons to look at different weeks or months.
  6. Choose a transportation option: Drop off, Shuttle, or Wait.
  7. Enter your contact info and review your appointment time and services needed. Our service team will be notified once you click "Book It!" We'll give you call if we need any further information.

Scheduled Service online before? Click the "Log Me In" tab, enter your username and password, and schedule your service. Don't remember your username or password? Click "Forgot User Name" or "Forgot Password," and we'll get it straightened out.

Returning customer without an account? Click the "Find Me" tab and enter your phone number or confirmation code. We'll bring up your vehicle and service information so you can schedule service online.

In a hurry? Just click the "I'm in a Hurry" tab, select a time, and book it.

Prefer to schedule over the phone? No problem! Just give us a ring at the service center anytime at 866-739-6322.

Our Honda certified service team has all the proper tools, training, equipment, and parts to care for your Honda like nobody else can. We cover a full range of Honda maintenance services and repairs, like:

  • Oil Changes -- Nothing extends the longevity and maintains the performance of your Honda like the synthetic oil change. With fresh oil and OEM oil filters, your Honda will drive like new for the long haul.
  • Tire Service -- When you have quality tires in good condition, your vehicle will stop shorter, handle better, and have better traction and control in wet weather and on muddy roads. Our techs will ensure your tires are at the right pressure, have enough tread depth, and are properly aligned.
  • Air Conditioning Service -- A/C not blowing as cold or as hard as it used to? We can recharge your A/C, ensure your fans are working properly, and make sure your cabin air filter is clear.
  • Brake Repairs -- Perhaps the only thing more important than making sure your car runs well is making sure your car stops well. If you hear any squealing, whining, or grinding when you use your brakes, or you feel the car shuddering or vibrating while stopping, bring your Honda in right away. We'll ensure your braking system is in top shape and replace any worn out brake pads, rotors, drums, or shoes.
  • Serious Repairs -- Sometimes a vehicle will need more serious repairs, especially an older vehicle with high mileage. We'll handle any major repair you could need, like transmission work, drive train repair, fuel system service, exhaust system repairs, coolant system maintenance, and more.

Our highly-trained automotive technicians are committed to giving you the best service. We know that one of the best ways to care for our customers is to care for their cars, so we treat every Honda that rolls into our garage like it's one of our own. We use only genuine OEM Honda replacement parts and perform all services and repairs to factory specifications, so you can rest assured that your favorite Honda is getting some of the best care possible. There's a reason drivers from all around the Nashville metro area put their trust in the Music City Honda Service Center in Mt. Juliet, TN. Give your favorite Honda vehicle the premium treatment it deserves. Request your service appointment today at Music City Honda!