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Thank you for your interest in all our exciting new Honda models. For your convenience, we have provided in-depth reviews of each model in our inventory. This allows you to obtain a brief oversight for ease of shopping and selection. However, before you read on to the specific model reviews, please consider the general attributes of the Honda brand below.

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Honda vehicles provide exceptional performance. You will be impressed with the power of sporty V6 engines that seem to launch an entire family out of harm's way with ease. You will also be impressed with the ability of the braking that brings your Honda to a standstill in an instant. Honda's are known for their large brakes and reliable stopping power.

Of course, you cannot complain about the handling. Honda's are known to handle like go-karts on the roads without that feeling of trepidation and clumsiness that you will find in a lot of domestic vehicles out there. Moreover, the legendary Honda tuning (of everything from the drivetrain to the suspension) is what sets these vehicles apart from most daily drivers on the market.

Honda's are considerably low-profile vehicles that hug the roads around the bends and securely hold you in position. The slightly stiffer suspension reduces roll and makes these vehicles more nimble and more comfortable to drive. They are also fun to drive because the car goes where you want it to go without all the struggles and steering corrections. Also, while being sporty, your Honda is tame enough to drive in any environment without the fear of losing control.


Honda is known for its safety above just about any other daily driver manufacturer on the market. Honda has now installed the Honda Sensing® safety suite as standard equipment on all its new vehicles. This intelligent safety technology uses radar sensors, cameras, and other equipment to form a type of artificial intelligence (AI) and security around the car.

When pedestrians, vehicles, or animals encroach on your safety cushion, you will be alerted, thereby eliminating the blind spots that are responsible for so many unintentional "accidents." The Honda Sensing® package also features AI tech that automatically adapts your headlights, cruise control speed, and even braking to prevent accidents.

You'll be impressed with how smoothly your vehicle operates and how much easier it is to drive when you can see clearly at night and don't have to adjust your cruise control on the highways continually.

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