Honda and Google Collaborate on In-Vehicle Connected Services

Honda and Google Collaborate on In-vehicle Connected Services

You must admit that technology has helped us in different sectors by making simple things that used to be tough. Years back, it was a daunting task driving in areas that you are not familiar with. Now Honda and Google have collaborated to reduce the hardships drivers and passengers face in their day-to-day lives while on the road.

Honda and Google announced that they will integrate Google’s in-vehicle connected services to all Honda models that will hit the market in late 2022 in North America. The history of collaboration between Honda and Google is not new, and it started in 2015. The partnership was with the automotive industry to bring the Android™*1 platform to their vehicles.

After the collaboration, Honda adopted the Android Auto™*1. The Android Auto™*1 was initially installed in the Honda Accord 2016. Android Auto™*1 uses the same functions that are in android smartphones. The functions ensure that Honda customers who have vehicles with Android auto get the best user experience (UX).

The current collaboration between Google and Honda will push the advancement of the UX for all new clients. This technology will connect people’s daily lives and mobility seamlessly. Some of the critical functions that the new Honda automobiles will have due to the collaboration are:

Voice Assistant

Unlike old technology that made drivers unable to multitask, driving with the voice assistant reduces stress. On the Google assistant on-board Display Audio, drivers can continue their daily routine without looking away from the road or their hands leaving the steering wheel. This means that the drivers can get directions, send messages, control media, and other vehicle functions. On the other hand, the drivers will use a hands-free device to control their compatible smartphone.


Gone are the days when drivers had to use maps while driving, ask strangers for directions, or park the vehicle to check if they were lost. The maps will be on the audio system’s display with the technology that Honda and Google are introducing. The driver can talk to Google navigation and ask for other directions like; nearest gas station, hospital, available stores that are open, and the estimated arrival time.

In-Vehicle Apps

Like a smartphone with Google play, Android Auto™*1 has the same features. The features of the Android Auto™*1 means that the users can download apps listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts without using their phones. The new features will make every trip taken in the new Honda a fantastic one.

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When purchasing the new Honda, you reduce most drivers’ stress while on the road. The problems of wondering what happens if your smartphone goes off while on the road are reduced by the collaboration between Honda and Google. For more info, contact our Honda dealership in Mt. Juliet near Nashville!

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